This quite little 80 seater restaurant consists of an indoor temperature controlled section designed to give various mood settings.

The Arthur's Theme team comprises of trained professionals be it the serving staff or the Chef's all of whom are working towards a goal of maximum customer satisfaction. We at Arthur's Theme have created a niche for our self, as we are the only restaurant serving authentic European cuisine Being a specialty restaurant, our cliental consists of people of various nationalities including the crème d la crème of Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore and other cities. Besides the above, Arthur's Theme also undertakes outdoor catering services wherein the client's needs for food, beverages and theme are taken care of. Till date we have undertaken numerous caterings ranging from 20 people to 3600 people.

Master Chef Navtej Sawhney's Philosophy:
Cooking is about having awareness and sensitivity to the point that you feel a connection to the food and your customers. It is not only about satisfying yourself, but also satisfying other people. Our goal is to achieve tasteful, simple food with innovative twists that create moments of delight for our diners. To do this we use modern global cooking methods that focus on preserving the integrity of the fresh ingredients each season has to offer. Freshness is at the core of everything we produce. Success, for all us lies in adapting to meet new demands, but even while we must be flexible, we must also remain true to our core beliefs and philosophy.