APACHE - The Fluid Lounge!

The aim of Apache is to bring to the forefront the unique blend of music, drinks and food to Pune's young and energetic crowd. While the pub scene in Pune has changed over the years, Apache has been the jewel in the crown when it comes to the drinking scene in Pune, While serving the customers with the crowd favorite beer cocktail pitchers, Apache has added new flare and creativity to other drinks. Apache soon became recognised for its innovative approach to mixed drinks, mocktails and cocktails.

Today, we at Apache continue to imagine drinks that satisfy on a multi-sensory level. We at Apache are proud of our legacy as being known as one of the first lounge bar in Pune to serve its customers with a heady mix of drinks and music. Started on the bustling FC road, today Apache has its presence at 4 places in Pune with every lounge bar having great interiors, lip-smacking food and a wonderful platter of drinks.

Apache HighStreet is the new party destination of the youngsters. With regular offers and variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian finger foods to satiate your taste buds while you let your hair down to the rocking music playing in the background and you surrounded by its energetic and rocking ambience.