GONG - Modern Asian

Sacred Chinese gongs are inscribed with the Mandarin Chinese characters called Tai Loi, which mean happiness has arrived.

GONG - Modern Asian takes you to a new level of happiness with a high energy ambience that is a contemporary take on traditional Japanese temple architecture and diverse Asian flavours that are prepared using western cooking techniques and presentations.

The menu features a progressive mix of Sushi, Asian Tapas, Stir Fries and Curries – rolled, steamed, baked, fried, tossed or slow cooked. The cocktail concoctions make use of fresh and dehydrated fruits, herbs, spices and liqueurs to achieve a perfect harmony of flavours.

The result is a perfect balance of ingredients and textures that are all a testimony to GONG holding the baton of innovation.

Come join us on a journey through the mysterious culinary traditions of the Far-East.